Starting Graphical Linux apps through Putty

31 May

So a short document on how to accomplish this (cause it’s easy… but cool!). You need to download three things. Putty, Xming and the Xming fonts. Just search Google and you’ll find the latest versions. Install Xming and the Xming fonts. It’s just a next, next, finish install. After completing start Putty.


In the X11 section enable X11 forwarding and configure the display location. Just hover above Xming and you’ll see something like Xming Server 0:0. Then you know what to use. That’s it. Just fire up Putty and login to your Linux box. Now fire up some graphical tool (like LVM).



Cool isn’t it? 😉 It might be possible to get your Linux desktop through Putty as well. But why should you. Just use VNC.


CentOS 6.3/6.4 Linux


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