NetScaler Configuration Utility (GUI) 10.x very very slow

12 Jun

Reading the Citrix forums you will see a lot of people complaining about the NetScaler GUI. Truth is Citrix in general is not able to build some good consoles. Pick one: PVS, XenApp, XenDesktop NetScaler. There’s always something wrong with them. Anyway, the NetScaler GUI by far sucks the most. Especially the latest version NS10.0: Build is a disaster. I have a few workarounds to be able to work with the GUI, but maybe the better idea is to just learn the commandline (yes, another one).

First thing a lot of people will see after upgrading is a broken GUI.

This has everything to do with the NetScaler GUI not functioning well with Internet Explorer 9+. You can use the NetScaler with IE9 or higher putting it in IE8 compatibility mode. In Internet Explorer press F12 and select the IE8 mode. Now your GUI will work. Altough extremely slow.


The best workaround is to log in to your NetScaler. And then replace the URL with: https://ip_of_your_netscaler/menu/guia This loads the version 9 GUI which does perform. This one at least still functions. Good luck with it.


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  • Marek, is saying:

    NS 10 GUI is unmanageable. Unbelievable peace of junk. As always Citrix first release then think. Good job Citrix .
    MK Citrix CCIA

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