The Citrix XenApp Commands Remoting service fails to start.

15 Jul

When you try to start the service manually you get the following error:
“ERROR 1030: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion”


This issue may occur because the XenApp server doesn‘t have access to the internet.
The service tries to download the certification revocation list from Microsoft and if it does not succeed in a timely manner it will not start.


Create a file called ‘Citrix.XenApp.Commands.Remoting.Service.exe.config’ that contains the following text:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
< configuration>
< runtime>
< generatePublisherEvidence enabled=”false” />
< /runtime>
< /configuration>

Save the file to the following location: “C:\Program Files\Citrix\XenApp Commands”



Citrix XenApp 6.x


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