Citrix XML Service only enumerating apps for administrators

30 Sep

After decommisioning one of our old XenApp 4.5 servers today we experienced that normal (not admin) users could enumerate their apps through Citrix Webinterface or the online plugin. Admin users did not experience this strange behaviour.


In this particular case we solved the problem adding the everyone groupĀ  to the ‘Access this computer from the network’ local policy. Also we added the users group to the ‘Allow log on locally’ local policy. To do so open gpedit.msc. Expand Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Local Policies > User Right Assignment. Modify both the policies. In our case we didn’t have to reboot, but it still are computer settings so it can be you have to.

Local Group Policy - User Right Assignments

When experiencing trouble with your XML service alltogether (eg. you cannot even telnet it) first check your firewall config. Make sure you have your XML port opened, try restarting your XML service. Still no solution you can re-register your XML service with the following commands:

ctxxmlss /u -> to unregister the service (reboot required)
ctxxmlss /r80 -> to regsiter the service on a port (in this case port 80) (another reboot required)

Good luck fixing your XML service!


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