RDP Session immediately terminates after logon with normal (non-admin) user

16 Apr

I’m testing a little bit with one of my Terminal Servers and noticed I could not connect through RDP with a normal (non-admin) user. Admin users fine but normal users were terminated immediately. I reviewed all settings for a while but couldn’t find the issue. Eventlog gave me a nice warning:

The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0xd00002fe)

Solution: What this actually means is that your machine doesn’t allow an unbrokered session. You need to add your users to the local ‘Direct Access Users’ group. Just adding them to Remote Desktop Users will not suffice anymore. And gone another hour of my precious time.


  • Juergen, is saying:

    Thanks a lot for this hint!

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  • Andrew Brehm, is saying:

    Thank you very much!

    And MSFT couldn’t just tell us? (Or make the RD Session Host configuration do that for us?)

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  • Serg, is saying:

    Thank you!

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