Operations Manager (SCOM) console installation fails with 1603

9 Feb

I had some issues installing an Operations Manager console on a machine. All prereqs were met, but still it failed and started rolling back during installation on Windows Server 2012R2.

Unable to add the ARP entry: Threw Exception.Type: System.ArgumentException, Exception Error Code: 0x80070057, Exception.Message: C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager

Somewhere in the logs I found that I had to remove the agent, so I did but that didn’t resolve. After some googling I found a topic mentioning .NET 3.5, so I removed .NET 3.5. That did solve the issue, strange as it is.

So the actionplan:

  • Remove OM agent (might not be necessary)
  • Remove .NET 3.5 (also removes Powershell 2.0 engine)
  • Reboot
  • Install OM Console
  • Install .NET 3.5 / Powershell 2.0 engine)
  • Install Agent
  • Reboot

Hope this works for you too.


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