Provisioning Services (PVS) blue screen on boot target device

12 May

Today I was building a new PVS image which gave a blue screen every time I booted it from an empty vDisk in Private Image mode.
I wanted to capture a new build. When I disabled the device in PVS it booted just fine from the local hard disk. The blue screen reported an error on the CVhdMp.sys .

Now I know there are a lot of reasons why PVS can blue screen, and you should definitely inspect them if this doesn’t solve your issue. In our case it was just plain and simple annoying Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) which needed to be de-installed. After deinstallation I could boot just fine, build my image and installed SEP again in a new version.

Good luck imaging!


  • Iván Rincón, is saying:


    my “Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 & Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5” antivirus was that caused me the blue screen . Excellent blog, thank you very much for the tip

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    • mark, is saying:

      You’re very welcome. Nice to hear my blog saved somebody some time 😉

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