Linking Logitech Skill in Alexa

25 May

For some mysterical reason Logitech is making it as hard as possible to link the Blue Logitech skill in Alexa outside US/UK. Everybody sees the famous message:

Thank you for your interest in Logitech Harmony and Amazon Alexa.
We’re as excited as you are to bring intuitive voice control to your family entertainment center; however we only support the English for the US and UK.
We’ll be sure to let everyone know once this is made available for other regions.

This is what solved it for me (thanks to a colleagure for figuring it out) :

Note: In the past I did download the Amazon app from the US store. It is available in the NL AppStore as well. I’m not sure if it is still necessary to configure your Alexa with the US variant first.

– In your Amazon account navigate to “Your Content and Devices” – Settings – Country/Region Settings – Set to United States

Download (and install) the MyHarmony software for Windows

– Before logging in set Language to English. Log in
– Open your account settings and set to United States

Next take out (in my case) your iPhone. Do not try it with Windows, cause it will probably not work.

– Close Alexa App
– Disable iPhone Location Services (Privacy Settings > Location Services > Disabled)
– Set iPhone language to English (General Settings > Language & Region)
– Set Regional Settings to US

Now fire up Alexa app and I was able to link the Harmony skill. Fully configure it and never unlink the skill again 🙂

Things we tried that are not necessary:
– Setting you delivery address in your Amazon account to US
– Configuring a US timezone in your Alexa
– Configuring the device location in Alexa (you can just leave it at NL)

Have fun!


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