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I’m not really into timesyncing but I ran into an issue on my network that my time was off 10 minutes on my DC’s and servers. With the w32tm /query /source command I could see that my machines all were using the DC with the PDC emulator role enabled. The DC was using the VM IC Time Synchronization Provider as time source.

So at this moment we’re setting up a managed file transfer solution which needs some open ports. We would like to test these ports before our consultancy partner arrives to help us implement. We need to test if we can make a connection on a specific number of ports without actually having the software installed that listens on them.

I created a PowerShell script that runs scheduled under serviceaccount credentials. When executing the task I got an access denied. Investigating the problem I noticed that the Do not store password. The task will only have access to local computer resources checkbox was enabled. With this box enabled you cannot perform remote tasks (including writing to network shares).

Today I ran into a nice one installing XenApp 6.5 on a fresh Server 2008R2 installation. When clicking on the part to install the XenApp server role I got a popup saying StartupIndicator.exe exited with error code -1. In the logfile I found 2 different errors:

Most IT guys (like me) are always wasting our precious and limited time implementing stuff we don’t really need. Just to test, and get things to work. This setup is absolutely one of those things. For my demo environment I’m the proud owner of a HP Professional workstation which runs XenServer and a Synology Diskstation DS209+II. So with that kind of hardware it cannot be hard to build a nice failover cluster 😎