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So at the moment we’re completing a project that included migrating an existing Microsoft Sharepoint Project Server environment implementation to a different server environment with a different URL. Our goal was to get rid of the /pwa part and create an http://projects.domain.local/businessunit URL. We have read a lot about this on the internet. A lot of peope saying it’s not advised to do so, it cannot be done etc. etc. No straightforward manual how to accomplish this. Even our consulting partner said it couldn’t be done.

So in this article I’m writing how it can be done and which errors we faced. You do need Sharepoint and Project Server knowledge cause I will not include screenshots etc. If you start using this article I’m assuming you have the knowledge to create a content database and add a managed path.

So I never tought I would be writing about my car on this blog. However this particular problem took me some time (like WAY too long!!) to solve and I could not find any posts of other people with a real step-by-step solution. I figured it would be nice to make an exception and write about it :-). The case: Since not too long I’m driving a very nice Ford Focus Titanium Wagon. I’m very satisfied with it, and enjoy driving it on a daily basis. However the audio system (The Microsoft Sync Media system) really sucks when it comes to recognizing the ID3 tags you’ve so accurately set. In my case in about 50% of the cases (read tracks) it just wouldn’t recognize the Artist, Album and Genre. All tracks could be found in the ‘unknown’ section of the USB index.

At this moment I’m attending a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system admin training which I must say is very interesting. I’ve always been interested in Linux but as a Windows minded admin never took the time to really learn it up until now. And I must say: LINUX ROCKS. In the past I ran into some hard-to-troubleshoot problems with Linux based systems and it’s nice to realize that things are now getting clearer. So I tought it would be a good idea to write a few tutorials for my blog, starting with the basics. How to install a CentOS (which is exactely the same as Red Hat Enterprise (only it lacks the enterprise support)) webserver which you can then use to host apps (like SickBeard/CouchPotato/Headphones/maybe some nzb-indexers (I’m full of ideas!!). I even took the time to take a lot of screenshots. So let’s start!