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At the moment I’m playing around with Norskale. The environment manager solution Citrix has purchased. It’s free in the platinum edition, and really cool. Ofcourse it immediately took me an evening stumbling upon something nobody wrote about. So there we go:

So this is one of those topics why I actually started this blog. I’m preparing our environment for a big upgrade off all Citrix Receivers, implement Storefront and decommission our last two webinterface servers. A nice job which already gave me quite a headache. So in this tut I will try to give you the complete tutorial how to implement NSGW with Storefront so the Receiver can actually SSO, and all traffic is routed through the NetScaler Gateway.

So this is kind of nerdy but it’s also very cool. And poorly documented, so it’s nice figuring it out. Keeps me off the street 🙂 It is possible to use Google Authenticator as a second factor to authenticate to your NetScaler. And it’s not really hard to implement as well. So if you read Citrix’s blog about it you will see they’re using OpenOTP. The rest of the document is incomplete and give you very little instructions how to install. I will try to write a complete tutorial on how you can acchieve it. Let’s go!

So at the moment we’re testing a lot of new devices in combination with our XenApp 6.5/NetScaler infra, which ofcourse is a lot of fun. I ran into this problem, which I thought was poorly documented. So there we go…. You get the well known error “You do not have the proper encryption level to access this Session” when firing up your app. using the new HTML5 receiver (eg. with Chrome or Opera or Firefox).

When you launch a published application via the Citrix WebInterface, a WFCRUN32.EXE /? popup appears. Your application will not launch. Your application will launch when you use the PNAgent. Your application will also launch when you browse to your %temp% folder and doubleclick the created .ica file.

This is probably a bug. Starting from version 11.2 Citrix might have changed something in the way the plugin uses ActiveX. When you click an application in your Citrix WebInterface the popup below shows.