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I’m testing a little bit with one of my Terminal Servers and noticed I could not connect through RDP with a normal (non-admin) user. Admin users fine but normal users were terminated immediately. I reviewed all settings for a while but couldn’t find the issue. Eventlog gave me a nice warning:

The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0xd00002fe)

So a short document on how to accomplish this (cause it’s easy… but cool!). You need to download three things. Putty, Xming and the Xming fonts. Just search Google and you’ll find the latest versions. Install Xming and the Xming fonts. It’s just a next, next, finish install. After completing start Putty.

So after following my tutorial about installing CentOS you’re facing your Linux prompt and wondering… Now what?? Well if that is your case you might need some graphics after all. I’m not a big fan of the Linux graphical tools cause they might ruin some of your configuration too. Eg. setup iptables and then modify something in the firewall tool. Say bye bye to your firewall config. Anyway, I today asked my Linux teacher how you can upgrade your existing installation with a desktop. His exact answer was: “I don’t know, but why should you? A new installation only takes 10 minutes…..” sigh. Like that was the question. So I did some googling and like many thing this one is well documented.