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During an implementation project I found myself in a situation where authentication on my ADFS environment failed, due to the impossibility to perform CRL checking. At that moment we didn’t have access to the outbound proxy yet, so I had to temporarily disable CRL checking for the relying parties. I used the following commands:

In this topic I hope to give a little information about certificates, PFX files and how to export them into other formats. A lot of applications require a certificate in some format (encrypted or not) to encrypt their datastream. In this topic I’m going to to cover how to create a PFX file. A PFX file is an encrypted file that contains both your public and your private key, and is password protected. I’m not going to cover how pki works, but just click this link or use Google and you’ll find all the information you need.

Most IT guys (like me) are always wasting our precious and limited time implementing stuff we don’t really need. Just to test, and get things to work. This setup is absolutely one of those things. For my demo environment I’m the proud owner of a HP Professional workstation which runs XenServer and a Synology Diskstation DS209+II. So with that kind of hardware it cannot be hard to build a nice failover cluster 😎