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So I still wasn’t satisfied with the results accomplished in an earlier article. Especially with the latest version of the NetScaler the loading of the Java applets took about 1 minute. It’s easy to reduce the load time to about 20 seconds. However people might consider it a security risk.

Reading the Citrix forums you will see a lot of people complaining about the NetScaler GUI. Truth is Citrix in general is not able to build some good consoles. Pick one: PVS, XenApp, XenDesktop NetScaler. There’s always something wrong with them. Anyway, the NetScaler GUI by far sucks the most. Especially the latest version NS10.0: Build is a disaster. I have a few workarounds to be able to work with the GUI, but maybe the better idea is to just learn the commandline (yes, another one).

We’ve recently encountered a problem with this setup. Logon times on our CAG Standard in Double Hop DMZ were real slow.
Loading the page took about 15 seconds, but after logging on people could just wait forever (+1mins) to get their apps.

The 2-part solution to this problem was quite simple, but not that simple to find.