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So this is one of those topics why I actually started this blog. I’m preparing our environment for a big upgrade off all Citrix Receivers, implement Storefront and decommission our last two webinterface servers. A nice job which already gave me quite a headache. So in this tut I will try to give you the complete tutorial how to implement NSGW with Storefront so the Receiver can actually SSO, and all traffic is routed through the NetScaler Gateway.

Today I ran into a nice one installing XenApp 6.5 on a fresh Server 2008R2 installation. When clicking on the part to install the XenApp server role I got a popup saying StartupIndicator.exe exited with error code -1. In the logfile I found 2 different errors:

The unattended installation of App-V is documented well. However the documentation can be a little hard to find. Here’s how I deploy the App-V client from the command line.

First you need to start setup.exe and monitor your %temp% folder. In there the App-V setup will extract three packages. Copy them to a safe location and just abort your setup.

Everybody agrees that the install of XenApp 6 has progressed a lot. Where you needed to complete a long wizard in the near past, now it’s just a matter of a few clicks and your XenApp installation is finished. After that the real work starts when you need to configure your server. However Citrix managed to keep your serverconfig real simpel as well, so it really isn’t a big deal. The same applies to the command line installation. You still need to include a lot of parameters in your script, only this time they’re more logical, and you need less.
So let’s get to do some installation work …………