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At the moment I’m preparing for my CCE exam and one of the things I like to do is perform several setups. For this tutorial I implemented a XenDesktop & XenApp 7.5 server. A StoreFront server and a virtual NetScaler with a developer license. I already have in place a CA for my self signed certs, the domain joined machines automatically trust the Root CA cert and a Domain Controller is in place.

The goal of the tutorial is to get the StoreFront websites running on SSL. The XML traffic should be encrypted and the NetScaler has to connect to the StoreFront servers through SSL. Let’s start!

So at the moment we’re testing a lot of new devices in combination with our XenApp 6.5/NetScaler infra, which ofcourse is a lot of fun. I ran into this problem, which I thought was poorly documented. So there we go…. You get the well known error “You do not have the proper encryption level to access this Session” when firing up your app. using the new HTML5 receiver (eg. with Chrome or Opera or Firefox).

We’re currently decommissioning our W2K3 servers. Part of the process is to move the datastore to a W2K8R2/SQL2008R2 server. Easy job, documented well. Here’s to another document about it 😎

So this is a real life example of getting a legacy app to run. It might not be a one-trick-fixes-all document, however in my case it did the trick. My job was to install a very old app. on our Citrix XenApp environment (W2K3/XA45HRP7). After installing the app on WinXP I tought easy job. However the app just wouldn’t run on Windows Server 2003. After enabling Windows 95 Compatibility mode on the executable the app. started working.

Everybody agrees that the install of XenApp 6 has progressed a lot. Where you needed to complete a long wizard in the near past, now it’s just a matter of a few clicks and your XenApp installation is finished. After that the real work starts when you need to configure your server. However Citrix managed to keep your serverconfig real simpel as well, so it really isn’t a big deal. The same applies to the command line installation. You still need to include a lot of parameters in your script, only this time they’re more logical, and you need less.
So let’s get to do some installation work …………